In the home stretch

Almost everything I need to do to move out of where I am now is pretty much complete. Now all I have to do is wait for the renting company to say what day early next month that the apartment is available. It is a charming one bedroom flat right on the ocean in the East End of the peninsula that forms the core of Portland, Maine so it'll be cool to watch the winter storms blow in off the ocean.

I'll be moving some of our cats, lots of books, a bit of furniture, and other things but it is odd how much stuff one can shed. This coming Monday will see Donna finish her move out to her new place so I will be giving away a fair amount of stuff after that, i.e., Longfellow Books is taking a book case and the dining room tble for the bookstore, and the local sort of hippie cafe is claiming house plants, more bookcases, and other stuff.

What makes this space doable is the joys of digital storage and services like Netflix as I am taking no CDs or DVDs with me. I have some forty thousand songs and tunes in the iTunes library -- backed up on two external hard rives - and lots of ripped video as well. I have also found the iPad perfect for reading so I only kept four hundred or so books, a sliver of what I once had. I am cursing the publishers for their stupidity, i.e. The first two book of William Gibson's Neuromncer trilogy are available via iBooks but the third isn't! And all of Simon Green's Deathstalker series is available the same way except for the very first volume! GRRRRRR!!

All in all the move is going better than expected except for having to wait to move longer than I want. Oh well...

On hoarding

Getting divorced and moving has cured my severe hoarding tendencies that I've had for decades.

(Yes, I found a nice one bedroom flat. Not huge but comfy. Move-in date is roughly a month from now. And it is on the ocean!)

I had close to a thousand books, mostly fiction, before I weeded them. I'll be moving about three hundred to the new space. The rest went to my favorite local bookshop.

I had lots of action figures, hundreds indeed. I kept just the Begoths. I gave the rest to a local toy store.

I had lots of stuffed animals and puppets. I kept just Dr. Suess' Horton, a lovely creature indeed. The rest got given to a couple who is giving them way.

I had sixty or so house plants. I'll be moving a dozen or so with the rest going to good homes.

On the other hand, I bought a 32" Samsung flat screen TV and several set top boxes as I adore both sports and vi.doe in general.

I'm debating if I'll have a bedroom at all or simply use the convertible futon sofa as my bed as that would make the apartment effectively a much larger living space for me and the cats I'm who will be moving with me. And the bedroom will make a dandy library!

Computer equipment, all Apple of course, is pretty minimalist with it being an iPad, a G4 Powerbook, an external screen, an iPhone, and just a single iPod.

Upon moving, I will no longer have cable television as Netflix and (during baseball season) Major League Baseball are enough. With net access alone, I should be entertained nicely as I also have access to a better than merrily good video store and near unlimited credit at a local CD/DVD shop.

Oh, the new space has a galley kitchen so a lot less kitchen was will be at hand. I'm not even going to get a new coffee maker as there is good coffee to be had within walking distance of my new space.

Even old cats aren't always grey after midnight :)

Reviewers wanted!

We are in the process (and yes, the Royal We is appropriate here as what we do is impossible without everyone who is involved doing what they do) of moving Green Man Review from being a website to being a blog and creating a new blog called the Sleeping Hedgehog.

You can go to to see what we are up to. What this really means is that we could use more reviewers to do review of the books, CDs, DVDs, and even other cool things such as chocolate that we get in for review. Post a comment here if interested and we'll get back to you offline.

Sleeping Hedgehog and Green Man Review

Our new affair is not going to be the same as the fifteen year-old Green Man Review which is also transitioning into a blog format sometime after Winter Solstice. Indeed the new zine also means changes for Green Man Review in ways that we hope will strengthen that rather venerable by net standards review zine.

To summarize, my really early notes on these zines note that

Non-fiction will now be only covered on Sleeping Hedgehog with fiction which is what folks look for on Green Man Review.

Likewise Anglo-Celtic, all American folk including alt- trad and related genres, and singer-songwriter stuff which isvwhat readers actually look tab on Green Man Review will stay there exclusively whereas classical, medieval, jazz, blues, and music from around the globe will move to Sleeping Hedgehog and be discontinued on Green Man Review.

Culinary reviews including food itself, eatery reviews, and cookbooks will be only on Sleeping Hedgehog. Look for some really neat reporting on coffee, tea, and chocolate!

Anime and all foreign film and television on Sleeping Hedgehog.

Art shows will be exclusively on on Sleeping Hedgehog. Cool product reviews including games,  puppets, iPads and their apps (I am going to review the brilliant Scrabble app), other tech, and what else to be determined will be reviewed only on  Sleeping Hedgehog.

Sleeping Hedgehog

We are in the very early days of planning a new literary and review zine that will feature more essays, pop We are in the very early days of planning a new literary and review zine that will feature more essays,  pop culture reviews but not on stuff our existing zine, Green Man Review, already does, culinary and related reviews, and prolly even art shows from time to time. Anyone interested in being part of this just being birthed now endeavor can express their interest here.

We will be *buying* fiction and non- fiction pieces with rates still to be worked out. Likewise we will be interested in seeing artwork for featuring  in online gallery shows. Keep in mind that we are not generally speaking going to cover genre fiction, most music (though we will cover some)' and films as Green Man Review covers those already.

But pitch ideas at us here. Who knows? You might suggest something that has not occurred to us!

On the matter of iPads

I was expecting when i got the Infinite Library, the name I gave the iPad I bought in May, to use it more for reading and email than anything else. Oh, it's lovely for reading, damn perfect in fact, and email is fine on it but I have found it to extremely useful as a piece of ubiquitous technology that is always -- no start up or sheet down, no overheating, and absolutely silent in running.

I have edited HTML files on it, wrote quite long pieces on it using the external keyboard, edited and proofed various docs, watched both movies and the Red Sox (and discovered the joys of baseball on the radio), listening to music on it, and kept up with far more blogs using it than I do via the MacBook now being used barely a few hours a days for only hardcore HTML work.

It even is great for jotting down notes of things I want to do so I never have to remember what it was the I wanted to follow- up on!

Did I mention it's completely silent? No fan, no hard disc, no moving parts at all. Even the hard disc based iPods at least sometimes have a low hum. Oh, and get roughly fourteen hours between charges with it needing only an hour to get from very low to nearly fully charged.

Weighing in at under two pounds *with* the Apple case, it weighs considerably less that my MacBook. In fact it is so light that it is barely noticeable when it is my bag, a nice feature indeed.

All in all, I am happy with it.


Yes, it is summertime here in this coastal city in a rather brutal fashion right now, Robert Hunter might appreciate, dew points in the 70s and temps over 90 for the most part. Not Chicago weather I grant you but not what we like here as coastal residents. Of course, we had an early and very warm spring with no snow after January (!) so the strawberry season which was amazing in it's abundance was three weeks early and the blueberry season started this week, a good month ahead of the usual beginning time.

Likewise the raspberry crop looks to be off to an early start with lots blossoms now. The only possibly problem could a lack of rain if we don't getting some fairly major storms soon as it's been weeks since the last decent bout.
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Here at last

After the advice of very good friends, I am here! Will post more tomorrow when it is cooler as it is, for coastal Maine, bloody hot for this time of year.

Robert Hunter and others, thank you for sending me this away!

Bless be all!
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